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How clear is your vision?

How clear is your vision?

How clear is your vision?

A lot of people confuse and sometimes interchange their vision and mission. It should be the other way around. Just to clarify, your mission is the heart of your company, while your vision is a tool to express your mission. That is true for a lot of business and companies, regardless of the service or product they provide.

When you have set a mission in mind, you can start to create your vision for your business or company. Your vision should cover your goals, both long term, and short term. The first rule is to set an attainable goal. A lot of entrepreneurs, especially neophytes, tend to set goals that are too big, even bigger than they thought it was. Goals that are too big would eventually intimidate and then delay your progress. This is often due to not knowing how or where to start. Goals that are too small aren’t advisable either because you wouldn’t be challenged.

The ideal vision and goals should excite you; it should motivate you to get out of your comfort zone. It must drive you to try something new. Otherwise, there would not be any progress; the results would be the same as the last one.

Moreover, you have to be challenged. If your set of goals and vision doesn’t challenge you, you will get bored very easily and you will lose enthusiasm quickly.

Setting your vision and goals doesn’t necessarily mean that you are also certain on how to achieve them. This is a common misconception, and it just stops potential entrepreneurs from ever starting. The only important you ought to know is what your first step would be. Whatever your first step leads to will give you an idea of what to do next.  You will look around and see opportunities arise. You will meet people who can help you with your next step, or you will read an article, and suddenly, you will know what the next step will be.

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